History Made Easy

It seems that a lot of people don’t know much history.

Were we not taught? Have we just forgot?

  Not to worry. Fiction can fix it! 

 We’ll prove it by starting with the French and Indian War. (Your sighs and moans can be heard from here. Like, who cares? Why is it important?)

If our teacher told us why, we don’t remember. Not many of us paid much attention, if you recall. Because history was boring.

There was always one eager beaver, who would eventually become a history teacher because he loved the subject, but as you see, no one else seemed to care. Part of the reason is that history is usually taught with a lot of accompanying details, and gets very confusing.

But this is not a classroom, and you will not be told about historical events. You will be shown. Let’s start with this banner. Continue reading “History Made Easy”