The Hostage

Far from home, she faced
the oncoming war
between England and France—
and within herself,
the stirring of temptation and
the longing to be free.

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5.5"x8.5", 190 pages

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Margaret Roberge is heir to her Huguenot family’s business—the importing of Irish linen and damask. A suitor from Boston’s Better Sort makes it important for her father to deed the company to her now, before she marries. As a result, Margaret sets sail for Ireland and England, to meet the company’s business connections prior to assuming ownership.

But she is overtaken by stormy seas and rescued by French sailors out of Fort Louisbourg, north of Nova Scotia. There Margaret discovers a war no one in Boston even knows about, and finds herself hostage, to be used in trade for a French prisoner held by the English at a border installation. She will be taken there by Marc Duval, a man of mixed ancestry, a man determined to liberate Acadia—Nova Scotia—from Britain. He has nothing but distain for England and for the hostage—well, almost nothing . . . .

“Even looking as you do, Mademoiselle,” he sneered, “we are all aware of your charms.”

Although aching and stiff, she rose and straightened her shoulders. “I do not need the compliments of a half-breed,” she said in the coldest voice she could contrive.

From this inauspicious start arose passion and, for Margaret, freedom from the limitations and constraints of 1750 New England. For Duval, the discovery of love that cannot, and will not, be denied. Putting aside all obstacles, they dare to devise a plan that will grant them a future together, and wait for the right time to launch it. The scheme will work—they know it will work! If war does not destroy it—or them.